Board of Directors

President: Adam Eichelberger

Vice President: Joshua Ames

Treasurer: Mike Ferguson

Secretary: Lorin Lawrence

Past President: David Dawkins

District 1: Lorin Lawrence

District 2: Rebecca Allen

District 3: James Carter

District 4: Stacy Logsdon

District 5: Sylvia Chappell

District 6: Rebecca Hughes

District 7: Charles Causey

Large Animal Representative: Patricia Scharko

Specialty Practice Representative: Tristan Weinkle

AVMA Delegate: Scott Bryant

Alternate Delegate: Ginger Macaulay

State Veterinarian: Boyd Parr

How Do I become a Board Member?

The Immediate Past President of The South Carolina Association of Veterinarians chairs the Nominating Committee and welcomes nominations of potential candidates to fill board positions that will come open. SCAV members who are interested in becoming part of SCAV’s Leadership Team should contact the Immediate Past President.